Decrease Costs.

Secure Your Supply Chain.

invoiceXcel helps to financially secure your supply chain while providing you the opportunity to extend days payable and earn incremental revenue.

Your current program

Your company may already offer a program to allow suppliers to be paid in advance of the invoice due date, but these programs may not be offered to all suppliers nor meet the needs of every supplier.

Leverage invoice data

In lieu of a program that you sponsor, suppliers may leverage invoice data by emailing data or printing screens to obtain financing. This is inefficient and often results in higher interest rates, lower advance rates and smaller facility sizes. Your company needs to be in charge of efficienlty leveraging  invoice data. 

invoiceXcel solution

iX can be offered to your entire supplier base. It puts your company in control of data to maintain quality, competitive pricing and the opportunity to share in the revenue. iX is an easy to implement program – a simple transfer of approved invoice data for enrolled suppliers – that can be launched as quickly as several weeks. Invoice as usual, approve invoices as usual, pay as usual to the account communicated to you by your supplier.

It’s a win-win-win.

Extend your trade payable days, secure your supply chain, earn incremental revenue.

The invoiceXcel Solution

Provide access to cost-effective funding – including PO and Invoice Financing – to 100 percent of your supplier base.

Extend trade payable days while minimizing impact on supplier’s liquidity.

invoiceXcel manages life cycle from enrollment to payments. And invoiceXcel can manage the marketing to drive awareness and enrollment.

Complementary to other programs that you may offer such as corporate cards or reverse factoring. And it can be offered to the entire supplier base, whereas some suppliers may have been excluded from other programs.

Earn incremental revenue based on supplier program participation.

Easy to use online solution that makes early invoice payment as quick as one click.

We can help your company secure your supply chain and earn incremental revenue.

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