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How do I sign up for invoiceXcel?

Sign up is easy. Just contact us and let us know you are interested. If you are eligible, we will send you a link to an application. The form takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Once approved, you will be up and ready to receive funds in as little as one day.

If you have questions or want to get started, please contact us at:
646.494.9457 ext. 104
or email sales@invoiceXcel.com

How Does invoiceXcel Work?

How does invoiceXcel work?

invoiceXcel is very easy to use. Once your account is active, log in at app.invoiceXcel.com, select the invoice(s) that you seek to sell and submit them. You will receive payment on eligible invoices in as little as 1 business day, with same day options avaiable. We even have an autoXcel feature, where all of your eligible invoices are automatically submitted; no need to ever log in again!

How much will I receive?

You will receive up to 100 percent of the face value of your invoice, minus a small discount and fees. If we purchase less than 100 percent of the face value of your invoice, the balance, less fees and any amount due invoiceXcel is deposited into your account. All fees and the discount rate are shown prior to requesting early invoice paymet. 

Is this a loan?
No, it is not a loan; it is not debt to you.
Can I select any number of invoices for early payment?

Yes, you can select as many eligible invoices, or use our autoXcel feature. This automatically submits all of your eligible invoices for early payment.

Will I see the total cost before submitting my invoice?

Yes. You will see the rate, how much is advanced and the amount that you will receive when the invoice payment is received from your customer. If you choose autoXcel you will receive recurring statements via email.

How do I receive the funds?
The funds transfer electronically into your designated bank account, which you assign during the enrollment process.
When do I receive the balance of the invoice?

If we advance less than 100 percent, you will receive the balance once we receive payment from the customer. This may be minus fees and amounts otherwise due invoiceXcel.

How are the payments made by my customer?

Your customer deposits money into the designated invoiceXcel collection account at one of the country’s largest banks. Payments owed to you are sent immediately. During the enrollment process, we may ask you to inform the customer of this account reassignment.

Can all of my eligible invoices be submitted for early payment?

For any invoice that is marked as eligible, you may request accelerated payment.

Does invoiceXcel impact my credit rating?
No, this is not an extension of credit and we do not report your use of this service to any credit agency.
Will my customer know that I am receiving early payment?

Possibly, as we may ask you to inform the customer’s Accounts Payable department to pay into a newly designated account.

Is this non recourse?
Yes, this is non recourse. invoiceXcel is responsible for customer insolvency, while you are responsible for a commercial dispute such as less than expected money received or money arriving late from the customer.
What if I am already using another lender or a factor?
invoiceXcel extends and complements financing arrangements you may have in place. During enrollment we will contact you if we need to notify your existing financing provider that we are converting your invoices to cash.
How secure is this payment process?
We leverage one of the country’s largest banks, which features all of the associated security mandated protocols. In addition, invoiceXcel is a product line launched by Seaport Global. Founded in 2001, Seaport Global is a full service investment bank with over 375 employees in 20 offices worldwide. Seaport Global Securities LLC is a member of FINRA / SIPC.
Does invoiceXcel offer PO and inventory financing?

Yes, please contact invoiceXcel to discuss:
sales@invoiceXcel.comsales@invoiceXcel.com or 888.626.6593


How much does invoiceXcel cost?

invoiceXcel is as low as one-third the cost of the competition – and there are no hidden fees. You will be charged an interest rate based on the days paid early.

What fees will be assessed to me?

Common fees include an Annual Use Fee, which is paid on first month of sign up and annually thereafter. This nominal fee varies and is based on your line of credit. This fee will be waived after the first year if you sign up for our autoXcel feature, which automatically submits all of your eligible invoices for early payment. Another nominal fee is the Wire Fee for same day payments. There is no fee for ACH All fees are detailed in your enrollment documents.

Customer / Technical Support

What happens if I accidentally hit submit on an invoice?

Please immediately contact our support team at
646.494.9457 ext. 104
or email support@invoiceXcel.com

What if I do not see the funds in my account within 4 business days?

Please call our support team at:
646.494.9457 ext. 104
or email support@invoiceXcel.com

A representative will help you right away.

Can I upload my own invoices?

Please contact invoiceXcel to discuss:
646.494.9457 ext. 104
or email support@invoiceXcel.com

A representative will help you right away.

Please note that your invoiceXcel customer agreement takes precedence over any information listed in the preceding materials.

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