Why Accelerated Payments?

Requesting accelerated invoice payments delivers numerous benefits to your business. For starters, it is a low cost, timely way to address your working capital needs. No matter what industry, this is the optimum solution for strengthening and effectively driving growth.

Non-debt working capital

This is not a loan; this is not debt that you have to pay over time. In addition, there is no credit check. We do not report your use of this service to any credit agency. invoiceXcel can coexist with other funding options that you may currently use such as bank loan, dynamic discounting or factoring.

Improves Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

DSO is an important financial metric that illustrates how well a company’s accounts receivables are being managed. A low DSO ratio indicates an optimally run accounts receivable department and effective cash flow management – giving you flexibility for the payments that you have going out.   

Offer your own suppliers an early payment option

By having the cash to offer your own suppliers an early payment option, you will become a preferred customer to your supply chain, and often achieve a discount that exceeds the fees you pay to invoiceXcel.

Strengthens your financial position

You can easily meet all orders, as you will have the cash on hand for items such as sizable inventory purchases, new equipment or new hires.

Improves your opportunity for more sales

Many of your customers are increasing the length of their payment terms, which increases your risk exposure to these customers, potentially limiting how much you can sell to them. At the same time, offering longer payment terms to your customers may gain you a competitive edge. invoiceXcel removes the impact of longer payment terms, opening the door to increased sales.


Additional benefits

  • Fast payment – Receive payment on eligible invoices in as fast as one day.
  • Competitively priced – It’s about your bottom line. invoiceXcel is as low as one-third the cost of the competition.

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